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We are a family-run business, based in Barnsley in the Cotswolds.  Working from Barnsley Herb Garden, a small "Eden" a few miles East of Cirencester, we grow and sell herbs, and make natural cosmetics and healing ointments.  We hope to  host a range of outdoor events and workshops for children and adults to enjoy, in the near future.

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My mother was born on the winter solstic

Our History: Herbs for Healing was established in 2005 by Davina Wynne-Jones, who grew up in the famous gardens at Barnsley House, learning much from her mother Rosemary Verey with whom she shared a passion for herbs. Following in her mother's footsteps, Davina created a magical garden of her own, and built up a comprehensive knowledge of native herbs and developed an intuitive understanding of plants and their healing properties.  Through a process of osmosis and direct instruction, Davina's daughters, Rowan and Lily absorbed much of her knowledge and passion for plants and their properties.  Sadly Davina passed away in September 2019.  Herbs for Healing is now run by sisters Rowan and Lily Wynne-Jones, (with lots of help from family members and friends). 


Davina was always very grateful to the people who helped her create the garden, and whilst the garden was basically her project she had had some invaluable help from friends, family and wwoofers.

Those who have contributed greatly to the development of the garden since 2005 are (working backwards) Ruth Laidler, Yasmin Ineson, Lynda Oliver, Ellie Brown, and Saskia Marjoram. The first to help creating the garden from a field were Sarah Birdsall followed by Valery Kemp and the late Jasmine Hamilton. All of these women brought something special to the project.

Davina's two daughters, Rowan and Lily Wynne-Jones helped with the development of the products and in the garden.

The various structures in the garden have been created by a succession of talented builder/makers.  Firstly many years before the garden was created her ex husband Hal Wynne-Jones built a wooden yurt in the field and brought a goods shed from Glastonbury station from which the workshop has been developed.

Since then some talented craftsmen have been on hand - Tom Verity (the bowl and an arch), Dai Lewis and Steve Cropper (the bandstand) and Tim Dobson of Cader Works (gates and shepherd's hut). Lance Edwards and James Breakspear have also left their mark and been generous with their time and talents.  

Since Davina's death, Hal Wynne-Jones and Tim Dobson have been extremely generous with their time and energies, helping Lily and Rowan handle the practicalities of managing Davina's legacy.

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