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These delightful, limited edition greeting cards and bookmarks, designed by Ruth Hydes and published by Charles Verey, depict Rosemary Verey's garden at Barnsley House. 

Rosemary Verey, as well as being a world reknowned garden designer, was also our grandmother, and she continues to be a great inspiration to us.  

Rosemary designed gardens for many prestigious clients, including The Prince of Wales, Sir Elton John and the New York Botanical Gardens.  A prolific writer, she published several popular gardening books, and presented a gardening series for the BBC in the 1990's.

Rosemary Verey lived at Barnsley House, where she welcomed thousands of visitors each year to her famous gardens.  Barnsley House is now a luxury hotel, and is located near to Herbs For Healing's Plant Nursery and Garden.  These greetings cards depict Rosemary's garden as it was when she lived there.  

The cards are printed on high-quality, cream paper, and come with an envelope. 

Sizes : Greetings cards : 17cm x 12.5cm.  Bookmarks: 3cm x 15.5cm.

Greetings Cards

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