Our plant spirit journeying this year will be held usually in the evening beween 7 pm and 9 pm at Barnsley Herb Garden on the 8 celtic festivals.  The exact dates are arranged about a week or a fortnigh before to suit as many people as possible who attend regularly. To be informed of the date and time a week before the event email davina@herbsforhealing.net and you will be put on the mailing list.

An opportunity to experience plant spirit journeying in a safe and inspiring environment. Based on shamanic teachings our plant spirit journeying is a means of concentrating on individual plants discovering the personalities, strengths and potential of the plants, and inviting them to offer us their healing and wisdom.
The pattern of the gatherings (which are usually in the evening) is generally as follows:
We start with a few minutes of movement guided by dancer Alex Howard, to get us more aware of our bodies and the space around us which is helpful as we are all coming from busy lives and we need to feel quiet and centered for the journeying..  We then decide as a group on the plant that we wish to become more acquainted with that evening.  This is not decided until we have met. We then spend time with the plant, sitting quietly by the plant or drawing and observing the plant for around 20 minutes.  We then come together again and get into a comfortable position to do the journeying, which is similar to  a guided meditation, where you can go deeply into a dreamlike state and where movement is not restricted by our physical bodies.  The journeying is guided  by Davina who also drums which helps get the mind in a receptive state.  You will be guided to the underworld where you will meet with allies and spirits. Sometimes this is a very rewarding experience, and other times less so.  If you feel you have met with the spirit of the plant we have been focusing on, you may come away with a sense of knowledge of the plant that is more real than anything you learn about it in other ways. The experience may stay with you for a while. The journey  lasts about  15 minutes to half and hour. Afterwards generally people share what their experiences have been, but there is no obligation to. The group is generally small and the sharing is interesting as well as the journeying. It can be very beneficial to one's sense of well being and relationship with nature. A core group has been doing the journeying since spring 2010. We meet outside and so in the winter have used other locations. Evening meetings are only about 2 hours  New comers are always very welcome.
An open mind is essential as we hope to learn from our experiences and to connect with the natural world around us as directly as possible. We are motivated by a desire bring spirit into our lives in as direct a way as possible. The effect of the journeying can be deep and has always been beneficial.

Davina is grateful for donations of £3 for these evenings.

Email Davina at herbs@herbsforhealing.net. or if you do not do email phone 01285 740638, but this is not the best way to contact her as she is often working in the garden. mobile 07773687493




"Thank you for the fantastic day yesterday. I really enjoyed all we did and meeting you and the rest of the group.  The garden and orchard is so heartening and the magical plant maze is out of this world. "  L.S. 2011