Ointments are made in the same way as herbal oils method one. For this you need the tiffin tin that we supply to use as a bain marie. You fill the tiffin tin with your herb of choice and cover it with a base oil and beeswax to a ratio of approximately 1 part beeswax 10 parts oil and put in a saucepan of boiling water for 2 or 3 hours. For the base oil an organic sunflower oil is adequate, but there are many others you could use, (see our Herbal Oil sheet). You then strain the hot oil and melted beeswax through a square of muslin, using a funnel, and store it in a glass or porcelain jar. The jar should be sterilised beforehand by placing it in a hot oven. A couple of drops of Vitamin E oil added before it sets will also prolong the shelf life. Essential oils can also be added when the ointment is cooling.
If you have already infused some oil with your herbs, an ointment can be made simply by melting the beeswax in it using the tiffin tin in a pan of boiling water. Add about 25g of beeswax to 300ml of oil. Again remember to sterilise the jar by placing in a hot oven.
Some good ointments can be made from:
Calendula – to speed the healing of cuts, bites and rough skin. To make it antiseptic add thyme oil or tea tree essential oil. To make a drawing ointment add slippery elm powder or powdered marshmallow roots.
St. John’s Wort – another healing ointment that will also act as an analgesic helping with nerve pain. In addition to cuts, bites and grazes St. John’s Wort ointment will help with burns. To increase the analgesic properties add some clove essential oil.
Comfrey - an excellent healing ointment used particularly for sprains and to mend broken bones and fractures.
Rosemary, black pepper and chilli - a good combination to make a hot muscle rub.
Essential oils of thyme, eucalyptus and pine – add 30 drops of each to a 50 g. jar of any of the above ointments to make a chest rub to inhale when your sinuses are blocked.
We supply 50g beeswax £1.20, a tiffin tin £5.50, muslin 50p, funnels 50p small
70p large funnel. (both useful) Brown glass jars 70p Blue glass jar £1.20p (50g.)