A cream is lighter than an ointment and sinks more easily into the skin. (An ointment will leave a protective layer on the skin.) It is a mixture of oil and water and so can be slightly more tricky to make than an ointment since oil and water don’t readily mix.

Emusifying wax helps to get the oil and water to mix into a smooth cream. Beeswax can also be used and adds its own natural properties but is not as fail safe to use as emulsifying wax.


7.5g Beeswax or emulsifying wax
7.5g Cocoa Butter or shea butter
30ml Base Oil or Infused Oil
30ml Herb Infusion in Water or a herbal tincture
5ml Glycerine
Essential oil – up to 10 – 30 drops
This will make 80g of cream. 

The waxes and oils should be melted together and the water infusion should be added very slowly, stirring with a hand held blender. This stage is critical since it is easy for the emulsion to break and the oil/water components to separate. A teaspoon of glycerine can be added which makes the texture of the cream smoother. Once the cream has cooled slightly stir in any essential oil you would like to add essential oil. If you are using tincture, this can be used in addition/in place of the water infusion.

Vitamin E drops or capsules can be added to help preserve the cream. As soon as the cream starts to cool it should be poured into jars. All creams should be kept in the fridge, and preferably spooned out, since any bacteria from hands may shorten their life.

Calendula cream – classic skin healing cream, for burns, cuts and inflamed skin. Use marigold (calendula) infused oil and marigold or chamomile infused water  or tincture. You could add lavender essential oil,
Anti-wrinkle cream. – use a lavender or calendula base with Frankincense essential oil. Wheat germ or avocado oil could be added by about 10% to make the cream more nourishing.
Lavender cream- use lavender infused oil and water and you could add additional essential oil. Or use chamomile water instead of lavender. This will make a lovely hand cream.
Eczema cream – chickweed, which is common garden weed, is a specific for dry itchy eczema. Use chickweed and chamomile either as an infused water or an essential oil for a cooling anti-inflammatory cream.
Antiseptic cream - both thyme and rosemary are antimicrobial. An infused oil with one of these mixed with marigold tea and tea tree or thyme essential oil would be good.

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