A warm bath is an excellent way to absorb the goodness of herbs. It is a particularly easy way to treat children and babies. You can either gather the herbs in a square of muslin, tie it with a string and hang it on from the hot tap as you fill your bath, or simply add a herbal infusion to the bathwater.
By bathing in the herbal water the plant constituents are readily absorbed through the skin as the pores open in the hot water. The volatile oils from the plant will be inhaled as they rise from the waters.
For a totally relaxing and soothing bath try lavender or camomile. To add some stimulation, and to also relax stiff muscles, try rosemary. Lemon verbena makes a delicious scented bath, and lemon balm is uplifting. You could try experimenting with a mixture of herbs.
A hand or foot bath is another way to absorb the benefits of the herbs. Our sensitive hands and feet are blessed with numerous nerve endings so despite the thickening of the skin they provide an immediate passage for the herbal constituents into the bloodstream. This is another good way to treat children or babies as they need only keep still for a few minutes night and morning while you bathe them.
We supply squares of muslin from which you can make a bath bag for 50p.