price per 100g
Some safe suggested uses are added but herbs have many properties and what works for one person may not for another. If in doubt consult a herbalist and do not self prescribe when pregnant

Calendula - aids lymphatics, soothing        £2.90

Chamomile, Roman - soothes eczema       £13.50

Chamomile, German, as above                    £4.00

Chickweed - cooling soothes eczema         £10.00

Elderflowers rashes, colds, measles            £5.00 

Horehound -  expectorant, coughs            £3.50 


Hops - calming                                             £4.00

Lavender - soothing                                     £6.50

 Liquorice -tonic, stress                                £4.00

Passionflower - insomnia                             £3.50

Peppermint - nausea, digestion, headaches £3.00

Red Rose petals - decorative,astringent      £5.00

Sage  -menopause, sore throats/mouths     £3.50

Yarrow  colds, fevers                                 £3.00




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